Top 15 Bitcoin and Crypto News Aggregators

  1. CryptopanicStarting this list with the best in the market, Cryptopanic is the most popular crypto news aggregator for crypto enthusiasts. This is the prime hub for you to go through crypto price and market related news and every news on this platform can be marked into 3 categories namely bullish, bearish and important resulting which a certain news piece is categorised as negative or positive. Not just this, you can also filter out content according to your choices. This platform also serves to provide its users with instant news alerts if you would like to opt for it. For people who wish for even more services, a Pro version of this is available at the price of $9 per month.

  2. CoinBuzz.streamAnother very popular news aggregator in the crypto market, CoinBuzz has a brilliant user interface. It is a trello style news aggregator and posts news alerts from Twitter. It collects information by using several APIs and displays them in the form of cards.

  3. CoinspectatorIt features the latest news posts and articles about anything remotely related tocryptos. It features initial coin offerings or ICOs and also has a section where the prices for all of the most popular digital currencies in the market at the present moment. They also have an option to subscribe to their newsletter to provide a more user friendly platform, they also have a blogging section.

  4. CryptoFlashIt is a solid and very widely accepted crypto news aggregator and offers the ability to recognise the categories of news articles so that you can filter out news according to your choices. What users like best about this service is that you are not required to always have access to your laptops or computers to have a look at it. It is available in an app version on both android and iOS devices.

  5. FawsIntegrated with over 30 global and interesting platforms, Faws brings you all of your crypto news from all these sources. It is an easy to use platform. They provide latest news in this domain and a very highly updated list of market prices for all the digital tokens in market. They also have a portfolio section to get an estimate on the value of total assets you own across different digital wallets. It is also available for download as an app on both android and iOS devices.

  6. CoinlibIf you are a much more passionate investor about trading in the crypto world, and want to have access to analysis tools using graphics and graphs, this is the best option. Along with providing news, it has great graphics and graphs for people who do not like reading long articles. They also have a space for real time display of market fluctuations in the prices of all digital currencies. It has a great interface and is very user friendly and easy on the eyes.
  7. CryptoCoinThey feature news articles from most famous to the least famous sources thus not being biased at all. You can filter out your choice of articles and search for things you would like to read in particular. A great platform for all sorts of crypto news and updates.
  8. CoinLiveOne of the most featured and versatile space for crypto news, it does not have just news but several features regarding technical analysis of various aspects of the market, a personal blogging service and several tutorials to help its users learn more. This is definitely a must try option.
  9. CryptoControlThis website has a very colorful and vibrant scheme and news posts appear in the form of boxes which are color coded to correspond to different categories of news. The size of the box is directly related to the importance of the news. A very cool and popular platform for all sorts of crypto news.
  10. CoinNAAnother very popular and significant crypto news aggregator, CoinNA has news categorised into latest news and top stories. They also have a dedicated tutorials section thus making it a very educational platform too. The search engine option helps you search for exactly the news type you are looking for. They also have the option to read technical analysis of stuff and also a country wise report on several cryptos.
  11. CryptoCoinOwlIt features top 3 bearish and top 3 bullish cryptos on its homepage and mostly focuses on the behaviour of a wide range of digital currencies. Very user friendly and highly useful for traders with a huge portfolio of investments, this website also have the feature for sudden alerts.
  12. News NowNews Now has a wide variety of news related to cryptos and related topics thus making it a very popular choice amongst the people. A very easy on the eyes interface and highly updated, News Now is a great option to look into for your daily dose of crypto news.
  13. CoinBeagleThis crypto news aggregator is very famous amongst the people for the huge range of sources it hosts. Very cool and very popular, this place is one of the most likeable space for people to look into when they wish to use a news aggregatorrelated to their crypto related news.
  14. CoinLoopA very popular crypto news aggregator, the homepage constantly has a graphic of the Bitcoin price fluctuations in the market presently. Looks like someone loves Bitcoin more than the other cryptos. But not to be very partial, this graphic can be changed to provide the graphic of other cryptos as well.
  15. CoindeskThough not a news aggregator in complete sense, Coindesk has a huge trove of knowledge related to anything crypto and comes with helpful tips and analysis for all sorts of your doubts. Definitely a great choice.