Cryptofaces certificate

How to safely invest in ICO? Cryptofaces team wants to answer this question.

We conduct a full analysis of the ICO project, team, business model and development strategy. The evaluation is carried out by a team of professionals consisting of analysts, marketers, lawyers and others.

We have developed our own evaluation system for the project, which will be presented below. Evaluation of the project takes from 5 to 10 days, depending on the complexity of the project. total score develops on several indicators. After her exposure we transfer from our address  to the project address from one to ten CRF tokens, depending on the put-down mark.

At the moment we make transfers only in air blockchain on the ERC20 platform, in the nearest future we will also begin to act on other platforms, such as EOS, Waves, Cardano, IOTA. After we send tokens and make the certificate where we specify the individual number ICO of the project, number of a transaction about a blockchain electronic and digital signature of this certificate. Further we will create own a blockchain network events of all ICO projects.

Check of validity of the certificate quantity of tokens. In case of change of quantity of CRF tokens cancelled. An exception will be only the official increase in rating of the project and sending additional tokens from the cryptofaces team, in this case addition to the certificate with additional number will be provided to transaction on which there will be send additional tokens.


Tokens Rating Description
10 AAA Highest quality, minimal risk investment
9 AA High quality, low investment risk
8 A Increased average category, low investment risk
7 BAA Moderate investment risk. Project Tokens can be used for speculative purposes.
6 BA Substantial investment risk. Tokens have a pronounced speculative character.
5 B High risk of investment. Tokens are regarded as speculative.
4 CAA Poor quality. Very high risk of investment. It is possible to improve the situation and raise the rating.
3 CA Very low quality. Critical investment risk. Possible cheating.
2 C The lowest quality. The rating upgrade is practically impossible.
1 D Scam