When IaaS Meets Blockchain

With data circulation increasing exponentially, a new solution for a more effective and safer storage is necessary. Recent news of faulty widely-used Intel, AMD and ARM chips has sparked growing concerns over cybersecurity and data protection.

With costs of having a physical server to store data being often unbearable, the cloud is the solution adopted by an overwhelming majority of businesses. According to cybersecurity and risk management firm Delta Risk, 90 percent of companies use the cloud for data storage, despite concerns over data security. A survey carried by the company has shown that the major risks users worry about are data loss, data privacy and confidentiality breaches.

The misconfiguration or mismanagement of cloud services or SaaS can lead to data breaches which can be propelled by human error or cyber-attacks. These often harm business operations, as was the case with Equifax and Deloitte.

The move to the cloud allows for a cost reduction and more flexibility for the companies. However, as companies often handle the configuration and usage of the accounts themselves, data breaches frequently occur.

Safe and efficient technology for data storage

Access to data, data storage and security are big concerns for businesses and can be quite overwhelming for small companies with little resources. That’s where IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) comes into action, as it provides virtualized solutions like servers, storage and databases. As the services are usually charged based on utilization, companies have more flexibility to scale their operations.

Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services (TBIS) is running IaaS on their own dedicated Ethereum Blockchain, leveraging Raiden technology to achieve Visa-like speeds, offering a safe, flexible and decentralized service. This solution is not only effective, as there is no outage, but it is also cheaper than most alternatives.

Whenever a problem is detected, the system is prepared to run autonomous “healing” actions, and if a device wavers, the operation is transferred to another network of redundant nodes. Through combining Raiden and Plasma scaling solutions, Titanium is looking to achieve faster transactions, being able to compete with processing networks such as Visa’s, which can handle 2,000 transactions per second.

The company aims to virtualize and decentralize every device and infrastructure that make up a company’s Internet network from routers to firewalls and even servers. Ultimately, TBIS wants to enable the creation of a global company from a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet without leaving your home, by providing the tools to easily set up an enterprise level infrastructure.

As it only exists on the Ethereum Blockchain, the system is immune to attacks such as DDoS or other address-specific attacks.

An experienced team bringing network to the future

The founder and CEO of TBIS, Michael Stollaire, has also founded EHI, a technology consultancy specializing in enterprise infrastructure management. He is bringing not only his expertise but also EHI clients, which include small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as giants like Boeing, Apple, IBM, Microsoft or Walt Disney Studios.

Working with Mr. Stollaire to push this project forward is a very experienced team with expertise in Blockchain technology, business management and Internet Network Infrastructure management.

Besides IaaS, the company is also looking to provide services such as CaaS (Company as a Service), DEXchange, BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud), InstantMiner or Instant ICO Incubator (III).

A Titanium Blockchain user would be able to virtualize its entire IT enterprise and create a private cloud environment with native monitoring of mission-critical devices, applications and services. It would also be able to create and network a server or a custom cryptocurrency miner or set up an ICO in seconds.

First BBB and D&B certified ICO

Investors can get in on the Titanium ICO, the first ICO ever to be D&B and BBB certified, by buying TBIS’s native BAR tokens. Out of the total supply of 60 mln BAR tokens, 60 percent (35 mln BARs) will be available for purchase. Whereas 20 percent (12 mln BARs) will be ascribed to the TBIS team and 10 percent (six mln BARs) will be allocated to the bounty campaign. The remaining 10 percent is to be held as a reserve.



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