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John McAfee and other keynote speakers will attend the First Blockchain cruise in Asia

Blockchain Cruise Asia will take place January 15th through 19th, 2018, departing from Singapore to Phuket (Thailand) via Penang Island (Malaysia) and will be held on one of the Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas. In terms of its format, Blockchain Cruise Asia 2.0 has no equal anywhere in the world.

The organizers of the annual blockchain cruise – CoinsBank announced: within four days the most discussed topics on the ship will be about the development of blockchain technology, trends of cryptocurrencies, regulation, investments, security and ICO. Thе event will feature some key industry professionals as well as relevant government authorities and attorneys.

Blockchain Cruise Asia is a mecca for FinTech and Blockchain specialists, uniting over 50 of the industry’s top influencers and will be covered by many different media outlets from print to streaming to major television networks. The event also expects to have over 700 industry professionals in attendance which will provide valuable networking.

Among the attendees will be the famed CEO of MGT Capital Investments and founder of McAfee Security, John McAfee. He claimed this summer via Twitter that the price of Bitcoin will reach $500 000. Thus, McAfee demonstrates his confidence in the future of the cryptocurrency.

“Blockchain Cruise Asia will be the perfect atmosphere for networking! At a typical conference there is barely enough time to exchange business cards, however, with our famous sunset happy hours, organized fun events and VIP dinners aboard Royal Caribbean’s luxurious Mariner of the Seas, there is ample opportunity to meet potential partners and customers. “We like to set ourselves interesting but difficult goals, perhaps someday we will organize a blockchain flight to Mars or disembark to the moon”, – says Event Coordinator Kristina Bliadze.

On the third day of Blockchain Cruise Asia, all passengers will be transported to Paradise Beach in Phuket, Thailand to attend the private island event, Thai Blockchain Conference. Also, it’s a separate event and tickets are available for those who cannot attend the entire Blockchain Cruise Asia event.

On January 18th , Blockchain Cruise Asia will have a full day of conferences on the way back to Singapore.2 conference halls will be feature different topics: Blockchain and cryptocurrency, Investments and ICO. The price of participation Blockchain Cruise Asia starts from $1800.

CoinsBank took its maiden voyage when it held the first ever Blockchain Cruise aboard the Anthem of the Seas, through the Caribbean on May 25th, 2017.

Full conference agenda including a list of speakers is available on website


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