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BITSYNC Is a Decentralized Exchange Platform.

Ethereum blockchain based Exchange Bitsync, is powered by smart contract with decentralized trust and reputation system. Bitsync’s service offers a faster,safer and cheaper decentralized payment Exchange alternative to the current system employed by most of the todays merchants and exchanges. Bitsync Exchange will run on Ehtereum Blockchain. The Bitsync has announced its upcoming ICO campaign, Which will commence on the 1st of November 2017.

Bitsync’s decentralized trust and reputation system (DTRS) uses smart contract that integrates flawlessly with our system. Our system is free for first few months to the users no charges would be charged for any trade and It is designed to built Trust between buyers and sellers by recording the vital information regarding the transactions on the blockchain. An inbuilt algorithm analyzes market and gives the signals to the users.

“ The Co founder and business lead at Bitsync: Jung Wook said:

“ We are very excited to start the revolution of Exchange platform by bringing trust and efficiency to the users by making Decentralized Exchange platform based on Ethereum Blockchain.”

Bitsync’s Exchange is both easy ,fast,secure and cheap compared to the current centralized alternatives. Bitsync’s unique service guarantee’s all users safety through Ethereum Blockchain.

Despite the presence of a range of exchanges. They face lots of issues due to multiple steps (up to 15 steps at times) involved in the processing. Also, the transaction and services fees associated with traditional exchanges are generally at the higher end. Users usually end up paying anywhere between 0.50 % to 2.5 % per transaction. Whereas, the Bitsync Exchange involves a single step and costs affixed trasnsaction fee of 0.20 %.

Trade processing on decentralized exchange based on ehtereum blockchain is 10,000 times faster than the other exchanges.

Bitsync Sr. Developer David Johnsom summing up what Bitsync Exchange means to user said:

“With no Centralized Authority, it’s literally like a Exchange becoming his own Bank”

Bitsync has the potential to revolutionize the Exchange systems function around the world.

Product in Hand : We at present are testing our exchange version 1.1. The beta version of Bitsync exchange was successful. This Exchange has been designed and developed by set of team that has experience of over 12 years in developing and maintaining exchanges around the world. This exchange will be live on 5th January 2018.

It is Confirmed Bitsync Tokens will be listed on 5 Exchanges. (i.e Ether Delta,,HitBTC,Mercatox,

Listing on Exchanges

To get wider acceptance we understand that beign listed on our own exchange won’t help. Hence we will try to get Bitsync coin listed on as many exchanges as possible. After the completion of ICO.

we will be listed on 5 exchanges as per talks completed & We will be listing on more 8 exchanges in next 15 Days

The coins will be offered in ETH,Bitsync Tokens are ERC20 based Tokens Allotment of tokens will be done within 12 Hours.

Burning Coins

Bitsync plans to buyback 50% of coins in the span of 18 monrhs and will burn the coins. Limiting the supply of coins only to 50,000,000.

From second quarter we will start the buyback. Every quarter we will buy 10% coins and destroy them. This will continue till next 5 quarters.

Coins Distribution

15% Pre Sale ICO

20% Team

20% Global Investors

45% Crowd Sale

Coins are calculated on the basis of 1 ETH

In Pre Sale ICO investors will receive 32% bonus i.e is 1650 Tokens on 1 ETH.

(Minimum Contribution is 0.5 ETH) and (Maximum Contribution is 5.5 ETH) 

We will have less market cap than most of the counterparts. Most of the exchanges that are trying to raise funds which is huge thus hampering the price of your tokens in near future or they don’t have something in hand.

  1. Total tokens that will be issued for Pre Sale ICO is 15,000,000
  2. Total tokens that will be issued for ICO Sale is 45,000,000

We will be raising approximately 8500 ethereum (5% difference depending on the amount investors invest) in softcap and 30000 ETH in ICO

Crowd Sale is divided into 3 phase within 30 days

1st phase has bonus of 20% from 11 Nov to 21 Nov

2nd phase has Bonus of 8% from 22 Nov to 2 Dec

3rd Phase no Bonus from 3 Dec to 15 Dec

Apart from the above discount during ICO Investors will be awarded generously if their contribution is as below during ICO in all Three Phase.(This Bonus is not for Pre Sale its Only for Crowd ICO Sale)

No. of Ethereum                                                                      Bonus in Percentage

25-99                                                                                               5 %

100-200                                                                                          10%

200-500                                                                                          15%

500- Above                                                                                     20%

Bitsync Coin (Bitc) Bitsync coin will be created at strict limit of 100,000,000 BITC never to be increased. Bitsync will run on ERC20


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